Students speak about Lawton Virtual Academy

Students speak about Lawton Virtual Academy

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -This is the first year Lawton Public Schools is offering a virtual academy for high school students, and they are about a month into the new program.

Instead of going to a traditional classroom, students are working at home, or using the computers at Douglass Learning Center during lab hours.

Ky’lan Seaton is a sophomore and said she wanted to try something new and have more time to practice basketball.

“If you’re not like pretty much on it a lot then you’ll get behind, and you don’t want to get behind pretty so much I think it’s really good about teaching you about time management,” said Seaton.

LPS has exceeded their goal of 30 students and have 45 full time virtual students enrolled.

Assistant Principal Jenny Mason said she works hard to make sure all students are staying on track with their assignments.

“I think that that’s probably one of the coolest things about LVA is they’ve got a team of teachers. They have myself, they have Jay Lehr, they have their home school counselors, so everyone is together in this because we are LPS," said Mason.

For Cali Jo Parker, going to high school can be crowded and overwhelming. Now she is not rushed, but still can go to school when she needs to for one on one help with a teacher.

“It’s been fun, I can go to Lawton High and still do choir and do my work online whenever I need to,” said Parker.

Seaton said her interaction with others at school has not changed.

“I sometimes still go through the halls and I see people and meet people. I met a lot of people actually on like the basketball team. I’ve started some close relationships with pretty much the coach and the players so it’s still good," said Seaton.

Mason says the response from the students and community has been very positive.

“The need is there and as we work through this, we’ve had a lot of patience, a lot of grace from people, and they want to see this program succeed so the community is really behind us in this," said Mason.

Any LPS high school student can enroll in the virtual academy, with no cost. However, Mason said they are currently full and have had to put students on a waiting list.

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