Texoma Gives is underway and participating non-profits talk

Texoma Gives is underway and participating non-profits talk
Texoma Gives is a day full of donations, supporting local non-profits and sharing the love. (Source: Texoma Gives Facebook Page)

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The Wichita Falls Area Foundation has raised nearly a million dollars with a few hours still left to accept donations.

It’s all part of Texoma Gives, a 16-hour online giving event that helps raise funds for the nearly 200 area non-profits participating.

The spirit of philanthropy is strong in our community and collectively we have increased awareness and raised impactful dollars for important causes.

“What we’re most rich in is people with big hearts,” said Kimber Budowsky, board member of the Beautiful Day Foundation.

“And I’m proud of the generosity of our community,” said Lisa Carson, Lawton Public School Foundation Executive Director.

The Beautiful Day and Lawton Public School Foundations are just two of the nearly 200 participating non-profits.

“We have two organizations under the Beautiful Day Foundation,” said Budowsky. “One is we celebrate children and have birthday parties at elementary schools. The other is that we celebrate widows at our Kinder Community Dinners once a month. So, we’re really celebrating two different groups of people, but at the same time the same message-- the day you were born was a beautiful day.”

“Lawton Public School Foundation is just a non-profit,” said Carson. “And we basically raise money for the Lawton Public School teachers.”

The goal of the event is to celebrate Texoma’s spirit of generosity and support the works of this area’s non-profits.

“By the end of the day when we had $28,000 to put in our bank account on a random Thursday in the middle of September it was a huge boost," said Budowsky. "It makes a big difference. It makes all of the weight of the financial side of it. It let’s that go so we can really focus on the job at hand.”

And the Wichita Falls Area Foundation has made donating about as easy as it gets.

“We are all very, very busy people and so sometimes it’s nice when you can quickly get online and use your credit card to give a donation," said Carson. "I don’t have to go to an event, I don’t have to buy candy. I can just help this organization.”

Pro-rated matching funds and prize money are also available to amplify charitable donations.

“This year they have raised over $100,000 worth of prize money to kind of encourage people to give and a lot of those prize packages are just random drawings." said Carson. "So, they’re putting a lot of money into our community which is awesome.”

The minimum donation amount is $10 and all donations are eligible for a tax deduction.

“In a world where things seem to be so crazy and you wonder what the priorities actually are, to see people willing to just donate whether it’s just $10 or a whole lot more," said Budowsky. "That is something”

You can make donations until 10 o’clock tonight by visiting the website texomagives.org.

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