Gas station starts program for Duncan Public Schools Foundation

Published: Sep. 13, 2019 at 8:01 AM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -A gas station in Duncan is hosting a celebration for Duncan Public Schools Foundation.

ASAP Energy started The Duncan Public Schools Foundation Kickback Card a couple months ago. Anyone who uses this card at ASAP Energy allows them to donate two cents per gallon of gas to the foundation.

“I love community partnerships like this one because it’s a really innovative idea. It’s a easy way for people to give back, that they aren’t actually having to give up their own money just a little bit of time to go to that gas station and they can also get one cent per dollar spent in the store as well," said Haylee Root.

Richard Brownen said they enjoy lifting up the schools and teachers when they have the opportunity.

“Our owner Rick Cook feels a real need to not only have a business in the community but be a part of a community, and this really helps us connect with the community and it helps a cause and it gives us an opportunity to help out many many groups instead of just one or two," said Brownen.

Getting a kickback card is free.

“In the Duncan situation here, if you don’t want to have a card when you go to the pump it asks you manually about a loyalty card and you can just put in Duncan Kids, and the Duncan foundation will also get the credit for the kickback points,” said Brownen.

The money donated will benefit academics and fund programs that Duncan Public Schools budget cannot.

“The community getting behind this is such a easy way, of course we always need their larger support on a larger scale, but this is an easy way for people to give back and know that they’re making a difference in Duncan Public Schools just by buying gas at a particular gas station," said Root.

Duncan Public Schools Foundation has already received a $1,200 check from ASAP Energy. They will be out today from 11-2 p.m. giving free hot dogs and signing people up for kickback cards at ASAP Energy.

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