Sponsorship feeds LHS band members

The Bent Fork donated meals

Sponsorship feeds LHS band members

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Thanks to the sponsorship of a local business, Lawton High School’s band members were treated to a meal to keep them going through Friday night’s game.

One of the student’s parents reached out to the Bent Fork, who agreed to sponsor the band. They donated meals for the band to eat before the game.

Michaela McCall, the band’s assistant director, says she’s grateful for the sponsorship, and what it means for the kids.

“A lot of them won’t be able to eat until after the game, so what we want to do is feed them before the game starts, so that we don’t have any issues during the game, and so they’re fuel and ready to support the team," says McCall.

And the Band itself greatly appreciates that fuel, especially during busy game day practices.

“Sometimes, a lot of the kids will end up missing practice time having to go to concessions to get food and other things, and a lot of times it will be as simple as a slice of pizza or something -- and that’s not gonna keep them full, especially when they’re playing an instrument, having to march, and they aren’t able to get food until halftime. I’ve had to have people bring me food. So now we have a sponsor that’s going to help us out -- to help out the whole band, not just a certain section -- it’s really settling, it’s a good feeling,” says 11th grade band member Andrew Sanders.

And anyone wanting to sponsor or support the band can either contact the school or the band’s assistant director.

All sponsors will be featured on the band’s game day banner.

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