Apache Cowboy Church hosts Sermon on the Mount

Apache Cowboy Church hosts Sermon on the Mount

APACHE, Okla. (TNN) - A church in Apache gathered outside this morning to enjoy a lesson of life and mentorship.

Sermon on the Mount presentation uses untamed horses to teach lessons about life and religion. As the speaker trains the horses in a live arena, he's able to earn the horse's trust, and hopefully ride it at the end of the sermon.

“It’s about how faith gets transferred into the heart of a new generation, or an unbelieving person, or a person skeptical and guarded. Just like a horse that has no experience, no confidence, you have to earn the right to be heard and you have to earn the right to be trusted. It’s the greatest miracle in the face of the Earth when you watch the change of a heart, said Dr. Lewis Sterrett.

Dr. Sterrett said there are various stages the horse will go through before he can be ridden.

“This colt as I dally him onto my horn right up here, he’ll pull back and then strike and get angry and flustered, and then he’ll start to say why should I follow you, what are you teaching me, so then he’ll start to settle down and receive love and comfort and encouragement and gain hope," said Sterrett.

Pastor of Apache Cowboy Church, Dale Linebaugh said they hold this presentation annually to let the community know they care and are here for them.

“We want to preach the gospel in a different way. God tells us to use what we can and we use horses here with Dr. Lewis Sterrett in order to get the gospel across in a unique way which will reach people’s minds and hearts," said Linebaugh.

Dr. Sterrett said he does 150 presentations a year.

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