Athletes improve their game with semi-professional football team

Athletes improve their game with semi professional football team

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A semi-professional football team in Lawton is giving players a chance to further their playing careers.

The Lawton Savages are a relatively young team, playing for about three years now. Some players joined because of their love for the game, while others are using it to fine-tune their skills.

“I have a pretty young group," said Marvin Richards, owner of the Lawton Savages. "So, a lot of them decided they wanted to try to go further along with their athletic abilities, so some of them want to go ahead and play college or some of them just want to go to a higher semi-pro team or even go on to play arena league.”

Richards said seeing his players’ success keeps the dream alive.

“It’s good seeing the young guys go further on with their dreams and stuff like that," said Richards. "I have dreams that I want to go on with and they still have dreams and they decided to take out on their weekends just a couple hours a day to play football when they could be with their families and they come out here once a week to come out here and play some football.”

Andrews Nichols is in his second season with the team and is excited about his progress.

“I’m really excited with this team. I’m looking to go play in college, go play in Germany because I’m moving over there soon," said Nichols. "So they’ve really taught me a lot, helped me out, kind of revamped my skills because when I played up in Idaho, the competition’s not really hard there. I didn’t get a chance in college, things came up, so this is my way into college. I’m very excited to play with these guys this year.”

The Lawton Savages are in their off-season, but they still do workouts on the weekends. They said there is still time to join the roster before practices officially start in October.

“I have a great group of guys out, actually," said Richards. "We’ve basically been together for a while now. So we welcome anybody that wants to come and join along and play some professional football.”

Richards said they are working on getting some games set up in Lawton. Their season starts in March.

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