Police continue to investigate deadly shooting

Police continue to investigate deadly shooting

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The Lawton Police Department is looking for more information about a shooting that killed one person. It happened on 43rd and NW Pollard Avenue just before 11 p.m. Wednesday. Police tape still blocked off the scene on Thursday as they continued their investigation.

Ulunda Cooper lives next door and said she and her family didn't hear anything Wednesday night, but her husband looked outside and saw police lights.

“He came outside,” Cooper said. “And he said they were putting up the yellow tape, and I was like ‘oh my Lord, I hope no one is dead or anything like that over there.’”

When police got there, they found a man dead with a gunshot wound. Sgt. Timothy Jenkins, with the Lawton Police Department, said officers didn’t find a suspect or get suspect information when they got there.

“We did have some witnesses that did come forward,” Sgt. Jenkins said. “And they are giving us the little but that they do have for us to investigate the case.”

Cooper said she woke up multiple times throughout the night checking to make sure everything was ok. She’s in disbelief that it happened so close to her home.

“You hear about this on TV, you watch it on TV, but you don’t just have it right next door that happens next to you,” She said.

Sgt. Jenkins said it’s hard to solve cases when they don’t know much about what happened, so they’re hoping people who might know something will come forward.

“We need information,” Sgt. Jenkins said. “We need something that’s going to lead us to something else and maybe lead us to something bigger. So, if you have a small tidbit of information, whether it be a vehicle, a suspect description, maybe what somebody was wearing, something like that is great for us.”

If you know anything about this case, Sgt. Jenkins asks that you call the police department or crime stoppers of SW Oklahoma at 355-INFO if you want to stay anonymous.

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