New class at Central Middle School teaches students how to play the piano

New class at Central Middle School teaches students how to play the piano

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Students at Central Middle School are learning how to play the keyboard. It's the first class of it's kind to be offered to Lawton Public School students.

Most of the time, the class is silent to those walking by, but music is being played a majority of the class period. They just can’t hear it because headphones are connected to the keyboards. CMS Piano teacher Hollie Scholz said the school got the keyboards just three weeks ago with school bond money.

“It’s weird to be a public-school teacher and go on all these Facebook public-school teacher post and say well I teach piano and they’re like ‘in the public school? Yes, in the public school I teach piano.’ It’s pretty exciting”

If students were learning how to play privately, they would have to have a keyboard and pay around $60 for lessons every month. Scholz said the students are practicing in class every day and learning pretty quickly. They can take off their headphones and play what they’ve learned so far together.

Students are loving the new class.

"I didn't think I'd ever actually get to learn how to play,” 7th grader Lindsey Lafayette said. “So, it's good that we have a piano class at my school."

"I've had two moms on Facebook tell me 'my child talks about the piano all the time.' Even the kids that don't act, like in class that they're excited are pretty excited at home," Scholz said.

She hopes that this class can expand and maybe, one day, students will be able to get a keyboard like they can get a book from the library.

“Man, in the future, I’d love to have keyboards,” Scholz said. “So, if a student and their parent were really serious, I could rent it to them for the semester, check it out for them. If it was an older one not that we have to use in class. That would be a dream.”

But, right now, she’s focusing on teaching her students how to play.

As for Lafayette’s favorite part?

"Playing out loud with everybody," she said.

She and her classmates will have the opportunity to do that next year. They’re going to have a recital on February 13 so the kids can play together and show what they’ve learned so far.

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