Comanche officer applauded for compassionate roadside heroics

Comanche officer applauded for compassionate roadside heroics

COMANCHE, Okla. (TNN) - A Comanche Police Officer is being applauded for going above and beyond the call of duty after a picture of him comforting a baby went viral.

“I was just so proud and excited," said Madison Garey, mother. "I want to share this with people because they need to know there is still good out there.”

Madison Garey shared this post on social media. The picture shows her three-month-old daughter, June, in the arms of Keith Hampton, a sergeant with the Comanche Police Department.

Although the photo is priceless, it’s the story behind it that people can’t seem to get enough of.

“We were stationed in Louisiana coming to Oklahoma, to Fort Sill,” said Garey.

Madison’s husband was driving the moving truck and she was driving the car with their three young children.

“They’re already kind of stressed and overwhelmed with moving, being in the car and having all of their toys gone," said Garey. "My daughter was just really starting to lose her cheese. She was really upset. But I couldn’t just pull over on the highway.”

She eventually pulled into a church parking lot in Comanche.

“I saw a young lady parked at the Patterson Avenue church," said Sgt. Keith Hampton, with the Comanche Police Department. "She obviously wasn’t from around here. She was moving, I could tell. So, I just stopped to see if she needed any help.”

“As I was pulling her out of the car, I didn’t even hear him come up behind me," said Garey. "I pulled her out and he was like hey, are you okay and I was like oh yeah my baby is just really upset.”

“She asked me if I wanted to hold the baby. Of course, I wanted to hold the baby,” said Sgt. Hampton.

“He about jumped out of his car to help," said Garey. "He grabbed her, rocked her, held her and talked to her. I was like that is so sweet and we just sat and chit-chatted and he stayed there the whole time with me while I was changing her, nursing her and kind of getting her to where I could get her back in the car seat.”

“She asked if she could take my picture and I said sure of course I didn’t think it was going to turn into this," said Sgt. Hampton. "I really didn’t do anything special.”

But thousands of people are praising him for his compassion and roadside heroics.

“This is my community,” said Sgt. Hampton. “We owe that to each other. It’s not just my job description. It’s something that we owe to each other to be compassionate and to help others.”

“I’ve read through all of the posts; this is not a first time thing for him," said Garey. "He is an amazing person. He also volunteers his time to teach women self-defense for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. He also teaches MMA to children in the foster care system. So, you can tell this guy has a great heart. I just want to say thank you and keep it up.”

“It’s really an overwhelming outpouring of support," said Sgt. Hampton. "I’ve received messages from as far away as Ireland. I’m just blown away by it... I’m really appreciative. This is what we do in law enforcement. We help people.”

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