SWOK sheriffs meet President Trump at D.C. conference

SWOK sheriffs meet President Trump at D.C. conference

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Last week about 200 sheriffs from across the nation, including three from southwest Oklahoma, were in Washington D.C. to meet with lawmakers and President Trump.

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney, Jefferson County Sheriff Jeremie Wilson and Jackson County Sheriff Roger LeVick, flew to our nation’s capitol on Tuesday, September 24 to discuss issues that law enforcement face.

“Everybody’s having the same issues," said Sheriff McKinney. "So it is a problem that needs to be addressed and has to be addressed for our safety.”

During their meetings, they discussed border protection, the opioid epidemic in Oklahoma, and the crime problems associated with illegal immigration.

“Those discussions were with the border patrol, with different board members of his administration, to discuss what our ideas are on how we can improve, are they going in the right direction,” said Sheriff Wilson.

“We support immigration," said Sheriff McKinney. "But we do have to have some sort of border protection to make sure we keep out the people that we don’t want to infiltrate our country.”

Sheriff McKinney said while they were there, they met with several White House officials, like the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the acting ICE director, Oklahoma State Senators Lankford and Inhofe, and President Trump.

“I think the man is very determined," said McKinney. "His focus goal is making this country a better place to live and to enhance the security for our families and our country by strengthening the protection at the border and coming up with a fair immigration policy, which will allow the people that want to live in this country a faster track to getting citizenship here.”

Sheriff Wilson said he is grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference to share about his community.

“To get to express that to the nation’s capitol, and not just meaning just the President, not just his board of administrators, but to our representatives in Congress and the Senate, to be able to tell them that Jefferson County matters, it was a privilege,” said Sheriff Wilson.

Sheriff Wilson said the trip was made possible thanks to funding by the non-profit, FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which paid for their hotel and airfare.

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