DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A nine-year-old boy who loves basketball is hoping to become a member of team adopted. Basketball is Fredrick’s favorite sport, but this was different because he’s never been on a team before.

“We’re going to do some layups,” Duncan’s coach told him. “Do you want to jump in the layup run with us? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.”

The practice didn’t start out easy. He missed a couple of shots, but that didn’t stop him from trying until he made it. Determination and a willingness to learn are just a few traits this shy but athletic kid showed over and over during practice. He ended up catching on very quickly. He even ended up winning a game of Knock Out when he drained his shot.

His favorite part of basketball is being on a team.

“You can like help other people,” Fredrick said.

When it comes to school, Fredrick said his favorite activity is recess and his favorite class is math. As for his favorite food…

“Pizza,” he said.

There are two things he says he wants people to know about him.

“I’m cool and I like basketball,” he said.

”He’s a little bit shy with new people, but after you get to know him, he’s a lot of fun," Kelsey Wynn, his DHS worker said.

Fredrick has been in the DHS system for six years now. All he wants in a family is for someone to take care of him.

“He’s like any other kid,” she said. “He wants somebody to love him and be there for him like anybody else.”

The Duncan Demon’s basketball team made him an honorary member of their team as he waits for someone to make him a part of team family.

If you’d like to adopt Fredrick or get more information about him, call DHS at 580-471-7942.

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