LPD reminds public to obey traffic laws

LPD remind public to obey traffic laws

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -The Lawton Police Department Traffic Division were out Wednesday morning on a busy intersection making sure drivers were following the law.

Slow down, buckle your seat belt, and obey traffic signals, are some things to remember when driving. The Lawton Police Department Traffic Division were out making sure everyone did just that.

The Lawton Police Department Traffic Division were at 38th Street and Cache Road because they say this is an intersection were many crashes happen.

“We have a lot of issues and a lot of complaints that arise from our busy intersections such as 38th and Cache. It’s very busy especially in the day time and around lunch time. We want our drivers to be aware not to cause accidents. We want our drivers to be aware to not cause accidents. We want them to drive in the proper manner and they’re always being aware of what’s going on around them," said Sergeant Timothy Jenkins.

Sergeant Collin Ney said they don’t get to do this as often as they like, but when they do it’s good for the public.

“So we’re looking for people running red lights, seat belts, improper turns, and just any traffic violation that we could make contact with and just kind of let everyone know what’s going on, and we had a lot of onlookers, it brought a lot of attention which is good. If you’re paying attention at the intersection than that’s what we want," said Sergeant Ney.

Sergeant Jenkins said close to 30 drivers were pulled over, but not everyone got a ticket. Some received a verbal warning.

“A lot of times people don’t realize what they did or didn’t do was illegal, and so if we were ever to stop them and say hey you didn’t make the right turn, or you made an improper turn when you should’ve turned into the lane nearest you we can stop them and tell them that, so next time when they’re going down the road they know that and avoid an accident," said Jenkins.

Seargant Ney said drivers also need to be aware of the speed limit when driving in school zones. They pull over up to 30 or more drivers there a day.

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