Professional gaming organization visits Ft. Sill

Professional gaming organization visits Ft. Sill

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Soldiers with the 30th Air Defense Artillery Brigade showed about a dozen members of a professional gaming organization out of Frisco, Texas what it’s like to be a soldier.

When these gamers arrived at Ft. Sill, one of them said he really didn’t know what to expect, but after simulations showed them ways the military is actually like a video game, he said his eyes opened up to a new world of career possibilities.

The 30th Air Defense Artillery Brigade is part of the air defense team, and one of their members said getting gamers on to Ft. SIll is crucial, because they fit the mold of the new type of recruit the army is searching for.

“They responds a whole lot quicker because they are engaged already in the video game world, and that’s basically what Fire Control is. You engage in a 2-D video game, and you just react to the enemy,” said Adrian Woods, with Battalion Operations.

Woods said soldiers aren’t sitting in classrooms playing popular video games, but a typical day for a member of the 30th Field Artillery involves activities like what these gamers see on screen.

“We implement video game type of scenarios in Labs. That help the soldiers understand and work through gaming scenarios like their own job. When it comes to missile reloads, they are playing a game like an XBOX, and they are inside the character, reloading them missile in the drill,” said Woods.

During the simulations, one Complexity member said the videos were similar to games like Call of Duty, and it was surreal seeing some of that type of equipment in person.

“There was a clip of them using a rocket launcher, and one that’s in game, and I’ve used it before. It was weird to think I’ve used that before, and people use it in real life. The overlapping of worlds is disturbing almost, because it’s so cartoon-ish in the video game,” said Complexity Member Samuel Hatch.

The gamers toured different cyber-security and defense labs, and during the simulation, Hatch said he can easily see how this could translate into a job he would enjoy.

“Definitely if people are interested in aircraft space, and gaming, there’s some major overlap so I could see it being a possibility,” said Hatch.

Woods said Ft. Sill is working to create gaming teams on post, but for now, he said this new generation of tech savvy youth is already changing the game for the US Army.

Complexity will join the Cameron E-Sports team and any Soldiers who are interested in a day full of video games tomorrow.

There will be free food, gaming console raffles and a chance to play with the pros.

It’s open to the public, and it starts at 1 p.m. at the Patriot Club.

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