Testimony begins in Issac Hill murder trial

Issac Hill murder trial day 1

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Seven witnesses took the stand Tuesday in the murder trial of Issac Hill.

Hill is charged with second-degree murder for the 2017 shooting death of Dalton Freiheit.

A jury was seated early Tuesday morning, which was followed by opening statements from both attorneys. That brought the most emotional portion of testimony, as the initial 911 call made from Hill after Freiheit’s death was played for the jurors. They then heard from six witnesses who were all at the party that Freiheit died at.

The testimony from each of those seven witnesses revolved around parties held at Hill’s house on back to back nights in September of 2017. Freiheit died at the second of those two parties.

During their testimony, prosecutor Kyle Cabelka asked each witness about a game they had seen Hill play in the past called “do you trust me.” That game involved Hill pointing a pistol at someone, often at their head or chest, and asking them if they trusted him. Hill would then pull the trigger, but each witness said the gun would simply click and no bullets were fired. Each witness said they had either seen the game played in the past or Hill had played the game with them personally.

In cross-examination, defense attorney John Zelbst focused on inconsistencies between what the partygoers told the police and what they said in court. He pointed out that none of the witnesses ever told any police officers about the “do you trust me” game. He also asked each witness that, if they had seen this game played or had been a part of it, why they continued to go back to Hill’s house for parties. The witnesses testified that they did not feel the game was dangerous.

Jurors also heard testimony from a tribal police officer who arrived first on the scene. That officer testified that when he arrived, Freiheit was on his back and had a gun in his hand. But in cross-examination, Zelbst pointed at that in the report from the night, the officer wrote that Freiheit was laying on his side and that the gun was laying on the bed next to him, not in his hand.

Testimony will continue on Wednesday morning. Later in the week, Zelbst said he expects Hill to take the stand to tell his side of what happened.

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