Victim’s death adds to tragic month for SWOK family

Victim’s death adds to tragic month for SWOK family

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Gun violence is taking a toll on a SWOK family. They are now mourning their third relative killed in less than a month... The latest was shot outside a Lawton bar.

TyChance Martin and Justin Mitchell were both killed in Altus in September and Tahiba Willis was killed in Lawton in October outside of the Lawton bar, The G Spot.

“It gets kind of hard," said LaKeisha Willis, a family member. "I feel bad for the mothers and the kids that now have to grow up without their parents.”

LaKeisha Willis said her cousin, Tahiba, was against gun violence.

“He said, people let’s come together and stop the violence for the loved ones that we have lost. I love everybody in my city. He was talking about Lawton at that time. That was around April last year,” said LaKeisha Willis.

The manager of The G Spot, Alexis Viruet, who was there at the time of Tahiba’s death, said their staff offer their condolences.

“We have complete sympathy for what the family and friends have had to go through and what they’ve had to endure during this time," said Viruet. "We want to hold a candlelight vigil for him, in honor of him. We invite the community and the surrounding areas to come out and celebrate his life, but we ask that everybody have mutual respect and understand that this is crucial that it needs to be for him and his family in celebration of his life.”

LaKeisha Willis and her family are now doing their best to stay positive through this difficult time. To honor the lost loved ones, there will be a march in Altus called “Peace in the Streets” as an effort to bring the community together and make a positive change.

“We’re going to get through this," said LaKeisha Willis. "We can make it. Let’s all keep our heads up and let’s try to change the way that the young people are thinking, because the foundation is going to have to start with us and then we’re going to have to direct their mind frame and their path in another direction.”

Viruet invites all to attend the candlelight vigil at The G Spot. A date and time have yet to be decided.

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