Lead detective’s testimony inadmissible in Issac Hill murder trial

Hill murder trial day 2

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The testimony of the lead detective in the murder trial of Issac Hill will not be admissible in court.

Hill is charged with shooting and killing his best friend Dalton Freiheit in 2017.

Wednesday’s testimony started with the lead detective on the case, but shortly after cross-examination started, attorneys realized there was a document in the detective’s case file that had not been given to the defense.

7NEWS is told that as they worked to figure that situation out, they realized that there were other documents that had not been seen, including paperwork with names and contact information from several potential witnesses. In fact, 7NEWS is told that several pieces of paperwork from the original files are now gone. Because of that, only actual physical evidence, such as crime scene photos and interview tapes, will be admitted and the jury will not be able to consider anything the detective said when trying to reach a verdict.

After that situation was resolved, jurors were expected to hear from Marcus Johnson, who says he was in the room with Freiheit and Hill when the shooting happened. But Johnson was unable to be in court Wednesday so a transcript of what he said at Hill’s preliminary hearing was read instead.

Johnson said all three of them were hanging out in Hill’s room during a party. He said he got up to leave and as he was walking out the door, which was just a few feet away, he heard a gunshot. He said he turned around and saw Hill standing over Freiheit, screaming for help. He said Hill told him to leave the room and tell everyone to leave. Later on, he said Hill told him “Dalton shot himself. That’s the story.” Johnson also said that he saw Hill put the gun in Freiheit’s right hand.

In cross-examination, Johnson talked about the game Hill played several times, called do you trust me. That game entailed him pointing a gun at someone, asking if they trusted him and pulling the trigger. Johnson said the gun did not fire during that game, except for one time when Hill shot the floor between a girl’s legs. He testified that the gun was always loaded but never had one in the chamber and that even Hill looked shocked that the gun had fired.

Testimony continues Thursday morning and Hill is expected to take the stand.

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