Issac Hill, prosecutors reach plea agreement in murder trial

Hill murder plea

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - An agreement has been reached in the Comanche County murder trial of Issac Hill.

Hill was charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing his best friend, Dalton Freiheit, in 2017.

Thursday night, Hill and prosecutors came to a plea agreement where Hill pled guilty to second-degree manslaughter. He will serve four years in prison and pay a $1,000 fine.

“During the deliberation of the jury, they reported back that they were hung. At that time, the state entered into negotiations with us to see if we could resolve it on a plea agreement. There was a back and forth banter, good faith from both sides and we ultimately reached an agreement that Issac would plead guilty to manslaughter two," said Hill’s attorney John Zelbst.

After the prosecution and defense had reached a plea agreement, the jury announced they reached a verdict, but because the plea had already been made, it made the verdict irrelevant.

That decision came after more than three hours of closing statements from attorneys. Prior to those closing statements, just one witness took the stand as Hill testified to what he says happened the night Freiheit died.

Hill said he was throwing a party and Freiheit told him a person who had jumped him was at that party. Hill said because of that, he went to his room and got his gun, put one in the chamber and tucked it into his waistband. He said later that night, he, Freiheit and their other friend Marcus Johnson were in his room sitting on his bed. He said he stood up and tried to take his pistol out of his waistband to put it away. But he was using his off-hand and the gun accidentally went off, the bullet striking Freiheit in the head. He said he had forgotten that there was a bullet in the chamber.

He testified that he originally lied to police, saying that Dalton had shot himself because he panicked. In cross-examination, Hill admitted to playing a game where he would point a gun at someone, ask if they trusted him and pull the trigger. He said the clip was never in the gun when he did that and that he was not playing that game the night Freiheit died.

When questioned about that game, Hill said he did not think the game was funny and didn’t even view it as a game. When asked why he continued to play, however, Hill said it was because he liked to be the center of attention and was “the life of the party.”

Hill also told jurors there was no safety on his gun, prompting the prosecution to walk through the safety features that come standard on every Glock pistol.

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