Lawton mom meets firefighters who helped save her and her baby

Lawton mom meets firefighters who helped save her and her baby

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - On Friday, a woman met a couple of Lawton Firefighters she credits with saving her and her baby's life this summer. It was nothing but joy for her to see them hold her now three-and-a-half-month-old son.

June 24th is a day Maribel Hamner will never forget. Hamner was eight months pregnant when her mom found her unconscious and called 911.

"It was a shock, and it could've been a nightmare,” she said. “It could've been completely different, but y'all got us."

It's the first time she’s meeting with the firefighters who were called to her house. They went there after Hamner's mom called 911, saying her daughter was having a seizure in the bathtub.

"She pulled my head above water, so that's what happened when they called you,” Hamner said.

Firefighters rushed to her home. Firefighter Sonny Puletasi said they knew she was pregnant, but they didn't know much more than that.

"While en route, my mind was like 'alright, she's pregnant, that's a high priority,'” Puletasi said. “'So, I have to make sure I have everything in bag, have everything in hand, so once we get on scene I have everything for her’."

She said firefighters got there about a minute after her mom called them.

"Everything was good, her vital signs were good, so we were able to lift her up and move her to the stretcher," Puletasi said.

"I'm just amazed and thankful that they were there to save my life and my son's life,” Hamner said. “Things could've been so much worse, this could've been a nightmare, but as you know, it's a blessing."

Hamner had her son, Christiano, four days later, at a hospital in Oklahoma City. She said he weighed just three pounds. Though it's just another day for firefighters, Hamner is grateful they came to her rescue on what could have been the worst day of her life.

"I know it's a selfless job, and you think people don't notice what you're doing, but we do,” Hamner said. “And you are still doing miracles every day. Don't give up. I know it's a hard job and keep going. We need you out there."

Hamner said she’d also like to meet the EMTs who rushed her to the hospital. As for Christiano, he’s doing great and kept smiling at the firefighters.

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