Cameron University hosts work place violence forum

Cameron University hosts work place violence forum

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Cameron University held a work place violence forum Tuesday at the CETES Conference Center on campus. It was held to educate people about how to identify signs from others that could lead to violent behavior.

The first thing that comes to mind is often mass shootings, but things like harassment and sexual assault are also considered work place violence.

One of the forum coordinators, Alex Cox, said they held this forum to give people confidence to speak up about work place violence.

“Work place violence takes a lot of different forms,” said Cox. “It’s not just an active shooter, and so in those other forms, when it’s threats, harassment, empowering individuals and victims so that they feel comfortable to speak up.”

The forum included keynote speaker, Amy Morgan, director of Academy Hour, who does online based training and talks about work place violence. Morgan taught the many different signs to look for in co-workers, customers, or anyone who has a relationship with the work place. Some of those signs are changes in behavior, disrespect for authority, and refusal to acknowledge job performance problems.

“So if you know what to look for, you won’t be caught off guard," said Morgan. "So if you see somebody’s behavior’s a certain way in the workplace, you can say that person might be leading towards becoming a violent person or maybe they are a violent person and you’re worried about what will happen in the work place.”

There was also a panel of local leaders, like the Lawton and Duncan Police Chiefs, and Cameron University's Director of Public Safety, who encouraged people to speak up when they see the signs.

“Don’t be that person who knows or hears or thinks something," said John DeBoard, Director of Public Safety, Cameron University. "We would much rather look into something that turns out to be nothing than to find out that somebody knew.”

“You want your kids safe. You want your grand kids safe, whether they’re in school, whether they’re little bitty, or whether they’re full on adults in a work place," said Chief Danny Ford with the Duncan Police Department. "But we all hold some responsibility.”

Chief Ford said if you see someone struggling in the work place, help them out, look for ways to decrease the stress. Little acts like that can make a difference and prevent violence from happening later on down the road.

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