Lawton mayor meets with faith leaders

Lawton mayor meets with faith leaders

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - In light of recent tragedies that have claimed several lives across Lawton the mayor is turning to faith leaders for their help.

Mayor Stan Booker invited all religious leaders to a meeting to discuss ways to cope with tragedy using faith.

The mayor holds these types of meetings every quarter, saying if the faith community could reach out and help one another Lawton would be a better city.

Mayor Booker recognized there are other ways to get through hard times, but he’s always leaned on his faith.

“I also wanna say that while I understand there are times when mental health requires professional help, so many times, faith is the answer for help to get through," said Mayor Booker.

The mayor says if someone is in need of help, remember there are people of faith all around, it just takes opening up. And he says you can always seek out a religious leader in town.

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