After the death of their father, Lawton Optical’s new owners hope to honor their dad’s service to Lawton

After the death of their father, Lawton Optical’s new owners hope to honor their dad’s service to La

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - “I’m Scott with Lawton Optical and when considering your eye wear needs, we’d like for you to come shop us, shop us first shop us last, but come see us."

You saw his commercials here on 7News for years... and many turned to his business for eyeware needs.

Scott Widenhouse passed away last week.

Now, his sons tell us why their dad was so popular with customers.

Scott Widenhouse opened Lawton Optical in 1998, and after ten years of business serving locals, he brought his oldest son Randy on to join him.

Randy said together they built glasses, greeted customers and most importantly built a special relationship.

“I worked with him every single day, and for 10 years, I never learned how to do this by anyone else. I only do things the way he showed me to do them,” said Scott’s oldest son Randy Widenhouse.

Four years ago, Scott’s younger son Tyler joined the two of them, and the staff now featured a family dynamic, something Tyler said he was excited to be apart of.

“It was something I always wanted to do when I was a kid. I’ve been here for four years, so when he brought me here it was awesome,” said Scott’s younger son Tyler Widenhouse.

Since their father’s passing, they said the support from customers, and other businesses has been incredible, but for them it’s not surprising because of how he treated the people in his community.

“He did a lot for a lot of people. If someone came in and said I lost my job, I don’t have money, he would not think twice, he would just put them in a pair of glasses, and say you’ll get me next time,” said Randy.

“Even from other opticals it’s been great. The people have reached out, asked if there is anything we need. They have offered to help us running nay machines. It’s been overwhelming, we have so many flowers we don’t know what to do with,” said Tyler.

They said running this business without their dad will be a difficult task because of the bond they created over helping people see, but using the tools they learned from their dad, they are hoping for another 20 years in Lawton.

“If they aren’t comfortable, they aren’t coming back. If they don’t feel welcomed, they aren’t coming back. They aren’t going to spend money if you don’t treat hem with respect. That’s basically what we are going to keep doing, just doing what he taught us,” said Randy.

“We have big plans, hopefully we can make him proud and do some bigger things," said Tyler.

Randy and Tyler say their dad’s popular “shop us first, shop us last,” catchphrase didn’t have a big story behind it. They say Widenhouse walked in the office, announced he came up with a new slogan and he liked it, and he stuck with it.

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