Waurika football player overcomes snakebite

Waurika football player overcomes snakebite

WAURIKA, Okla. (TNN) - A Waurika football player is happy to be playing the game he loves after he was bitten by a snake back in August. After the bite, senior Hunter Wesberry didn’t know if he’d ever get to play again. Wesberry was out fishing with his sister and her boyfriend when it happened.

“At first, when I got bit, I thought it was a thorn that stuck me in the leg,” Wesberry said. “So, I wasn’t expecting a snake at all. When I saw a rattlesnake, your heart kinda drops.”

The bite sent him to the hospital. He spent six days there with doctors closely monitoring it. It caused his leg to nearly double in size.

“My leg was really big,” he said. “They talked about splitting me open on my leg which is very scary.”

The odds of him playing again were against him as doctors talked about possible nerve and tissue damage. But, after weeks of patience and slowing stretching his leg and putting weight on it, he is doing fine. Last Friday was his first time playing a down without wearing a knee brace or padding.

“It felt amazing to get back on the field and just be back with my brothers, my teammates, and my coaches,” Wesberry said. “It was awesome. I didn’t think I’d be able to be back on the field this year.”

His coach, Joe Allen, wasn’t expecting Wesberry to be back either.

“It says everything about him,” Allen said. “He’s a fighter. He fights for everything he does on the football field, in school, basically in life. He’s a fighter and it shows.”

Wesberry said he had people come and visit him every day that he was in the hospital. He credits the community for helping him heal.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere as close to this if it wasn’t for the support that I’ve had from everyone,” he said.

If you'd like to see him play, the Waurika Eagles play Ryan Thursday in Ryan. Kickoff is set for seven.

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