Lawton Public Library power outage resolved, will be back open Saturday morning.

Lawton Public Library power outage resolved, will be back open Saturday morning.

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Crews from PSO and Johnson’s Electric worked to find a solution for the power outage starting late Thursday afternoon, and around 4:30 P.M., 7News received an email saying the solution was found.

No word yet on what the actual problem ended up being, but crew members said they want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Lawton’s library director said a power outage this significant has never happened at the library.

They were closed for a day and a half.

The director said dozens of people utilize the library everyday, and it’s been frustrating having to turn them away.

“We are trying to accommodate people the best we can, because we want them to get their materials, we know people need to use the computers or print things off, and we helping the best we can,” said Director Kristin Herr.

To help those people, the Branch Library on NW Kingswood opened its doors.

“I’ve directed several people today to the Branch Library, and because the main building is closed, we opened up the Branch from 9-6, when it’s typically just open on Tuesday’s Thursday’s and some Saturday’s. The branch is a lot smaller, but there are people there who can help,” said Herr.

Crew members from PSO and Johnson’s electric spent Wednesday and Thursday troubleshooting things like the main feeder line, the transformers, and fuse boxes inside the library. When the power kicked back on, one crew member said it came as a shock.

“We are trying to put some load on to it, see if we can get it to short, trip again, see if we can figure out what caused it originally. Since it’s not messing up now, it’s getting a little difficult it figure it out,” said Wes Johnson, with Johnson’s Electric.

Johnson said even though they are struggling to find a solution, he believes this issue won’t likely be a huge financial burden for the city.

“The main transformer line is still here, so I don’t think it’s a huge deal as long as the main switch gear is still in good shape. We don’t want to leave here than all of a sudden it happens again, so we are trying to narrow it down while we are here," said Johnson.

All branches of the Lawton Public Library will be open Saturday and all services and activities will be available to patrons.

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