Camp for area scouts needs funds for improvements

Camp for area scouts needs funds for improvements

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A camp near Duncan Lake is raising money for a multi-purpose building and for overall improvements.

Camp Waluhi’y was donated to girl scouts in the 1960s and then later donated to the City of Duncan.

It is now currently leased to the Camp Waluhi'y Association.

“Currently we’re primarily used by the boy scouts, girl scouts, and few other youth and family groups that come out here," said Reggie Pennypacker, Camp Waluhi’y Association’s President. "They hike, they fish, we have some small cabins that they can use. We have tent camping that goes on, and we have this beautiful reservoir that they’re able to fish at and enjoy nature.”

They are working to match a $104,000 grant from the McCasland Foundation to construct a multi-purpose building.

'It’s going to include two bathrooms and showers that we currently do not have out here," said Pennypacker. “It’s going to have a large meeting space and it’s going to overlook the Wild Horse Creek Reservoir so that they can observe fishing and canoeing activities and it will provide shelter during inclement weather.”

Scott Locke first came out to the camp when he was in Cub Scouts and got more involved ever since. He says the youth has learned a lot about conservation.

“Their experience not only in the outdoors of camping gets strengthened through that, but then they actually see the conservation and stuff that we do out here with environment, so it’s more direct impact on their participation and what’s going on around them,” said said Scott Locke, Camp Waluhi’y Association.

Locke says anyone coming out to Camp Waluhi'y can take something away from it.

“The great thing is there is no signal out here, so there’s nothing but quiet that you get to do and then you actually get involved with the group that you come in, more conversation with each other so that’s nice," said Locke.

Any additional funds they raise will go towards renovating buildings and structures. They are still looking to raise close to $60,000.

To learn more about the camp you can visit their facebook page Camp Waluhi’y.

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