FFA 4-H Friends: Elizabeth Kopsky

FFA 4-H Friends: Elizabeth Kopsky

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A MacArthur High School senior is our FFA and 4-H friend of the week. Elizabeth Kopsky does a variety of activities between the two organizations, and is excellent in all of them!

Kopsky has been involved in 4-H for eight years and in FFA for four years.

“I guess wanting to try something new. If I get bored, I have to do something else. So that’s kind of how I got started in 4-H," said Kopsky. "FFA just kind of seemed like a stepping stone and I wanted to broaden my horizon, even though I was completely scared of all animals at that time, I definitely wanted to try something else.”

Within the two organizations Kopsky shows pigs, is on a food science team and an Ag communications team, and does photography. She said her Ag teachers encourage her to try a variety of ventures.

“I really like to try new things, of course, but also, like on the FFA side, my Ag teachers push me to do stuff that’s definitely not me and once I get started doing that, I realize that I really like it,” said Kopsky.

One of Kopsky’s Ag teachers, Lindsey Hoerbert, said Kopsky is just as successful in 4-H as she is in FFA.

“She was on a top ten in the nation food science team and she got a chance to participate in another adventure in Atlanta because of the job they did and national FFA convention that year, and so she got to go on several trips that year for that food science team," said Hoerbert. "She leaves in about thirteen days to go to national convention again to try to bid for another national title in Ag communications, and so they were state champions in the spring, something they’ve been working really hard for, and so she’s just highly decorated.”

Hoerbert said another thing that makes Kopsky excellent is her attitude.

“She’s just involved in all the aspects of what we encourage them to do and when you ask Elizabeth to do something, she does it at 115%,” said Hoerbert.

Kopsky said she has grown by broadening her horizons.

“I just encourage everyone that wants to do something new that they should for sure try it and it’ll definitely help them and push them to be better, kind of like it’s done for me,” said Kopsky.

Kopsky said she is sure she will turn one of her many activities into a career, she just is not sure which one yet.

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