Free hygiene products come to Waurika schools

Free hygiene products come to Waurika schools

WAURIKA, Okla. (TNN) - Young ladies at Waurika High School and Middle School now have access to free hygiene products through The Love Project. It’s a nonprofit organization, started by a ten-year-old girl, who’s working to make the products available in schools.

There are two medicine cabinets in the girls' bathrooms at Waurika Public Schools. They have just one word on the mirror…love, but the girls know what it means.

"Being able to have it here is just fantastic for the girls because they don't have to worry,” teacher Jessica Cornelison said. “They know that they're covered."

"Usually if you'd forget something, you'd have to take your bag, and it's just a giveaway or go up to your teacher during class and ask for some, it's just embarrassing to do," said 7th grader Niecsa Camarillo.

Camarillo is helping make sure it stays stocked. She said this is something she wanted to start, and then Love project contacted them, asking them if they'd be interested in having the project come to their school.

Berkeley Smith founded the project at her school in Zaneis, which is about 30 minutes from Waurika. It has now spread to five schools with others in the works. She hopes to end the stigma around menstruation.

"I hope that they feel really confident in that and that they feel helped," Smith said.

Jessica Cornelison is the teacher sponsor for the project, and she said she didn't realize it was something that was needed. She likes that its student-led, and student-run.

"It's amazing to know that they're going to be more at ease,” Cornelison said. “I think every teacher's goal is to make sure their students are safe and comfortable in the classroom, so they can really focus on learning, and knowing that this is one thing that is kinda off their shoulders is fantastic."

Most of the items they have right now were donated by the community. They have an Amazon Wishlist where people can buy the products and have it sent straight to the school.

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