Halliburton celebrates it’s 100th Anniversary

Halliburton celebrates it’s 100th Anniversary

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -Halliburton is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, and to mark this special day, the founder’s grandson was in Duncan to speak on the company’s history.

Halliburton’s story starts in California, where he met his wife Vida.

Following World War One, they decided to take on a new adventure.

“Grandad and Grandmother out of California had heard about the oil and gas fields opening up in Texas,” said grandson Erle P. Halliburton III.

Arriving in Texas, Halliburton used the engineering skills he learned in the Navy to start his own business, even pawning his wife's ring for equipment.

After it failed, they decided to pack up and move north to Stephens County.

“It seemed that’s where he finally had the opportunity to try his patent processes, with Mr. Skelley that he developed over the last 3/4 years,” said Halliburton.

In Duncan, he perfected a hands free cement mixer, but he's credited with 38 patents for other oil field services and tools.

After Halliburton’s passing in 1957, and the major shifts in the industry, headquarters moved from Duncan, and the named changed to Halliburton Company in 1961, the family got out of the operations of the business.

“As we headed offshore, of course Houston became more logical, and of course Duncan being off the interstate, and remote, it just wasn’t a good fit,” said Halliburton.

Halliburton said he’s hopeful the company will always remain in Duncan in some fashion.

The current plant employs significantly less people than it once did, but Mayor Richie Dennington said regardless, Halliburton helped put Duncan on the map.

“To be the place that it started is pretty cool. People need to think about the cars it financed, the houses it paid for,” said Dennington.

Even more important than the financial stability...

“I knew some of the early people that worked for Haliburton, and how much of a family they were. Guys could have a good life working for Halliburton,” said Dennington.

When Erle was asked to speak at the 100 year celebration, he said he couldn’t forget to mention his Grandad’s love for baseball. He even brought a professional team to Duncan.

“I can tell you there were some people hired who were very good at baseball who didn;t know much about oil and gas,” said Halliburton.

Looking back at the success of his grandather’s company, he said it’s important to know Erle P and Vida loved working hard, their family and their employees.

“I don’t know if one could find better mentorship then I did from my grandmother and grandfather,” said Halliburton.

If you want to learn more about Erle P, and his numerous patents, there’s an going exhibit at the Stephens County Historical Museum.

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