Watch Michigan residents free a pair of deer with entangled antlers

BOWNE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD/CNN) - A group of Bowne Township, Mich. residents worked together to free a pair of entangled deer Friday.

Mark Johnson saw the deer up in a farm field. Being a hunter, he knew the situation would be dire without assistance.

He called friend Brad Lyons for assistance.

“They can’t break apart, so they either die from exhaustion or starvation, or sometimes even coyotes would come in and do it,” Johnson said.

Lyons came out with ropes and neighbor Randy Wilcox brought a tree limb saw.

“When Mark called and said they’re stuck together, I’m coming," Lyons said. “That’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You don’t see that all the time.”

The deer fell into the creek when they backed away from the group, who were trying to corral them.

"Getting them in the creek was the best thing that could have happened,” Wilcox said.

After sawing off one of the antlers with the tree limb saw, the group watched the deer run free.

Lyons kept the sawed-off antler as a trophy.

"We’ve all got our equipment ready to go, it’s the middle of deer season, but this was not fair. It was not an honorable way to send out two monsters like that,” Lyons said.

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