MAKENZIE’S OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: The next generation of hunters

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 7:32 AM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -The majority of today's adult deer hunters were introduced to the sport as a child. Makenzie Burk went hunting with a father and his two boys, but this time she was behind the camera instead of the rifle. It's her latest outdoor adventure.

Introducing kids to hunting and the outdoors teaches lessons and values that last a lifetime.

That’s what Chance Caldwell is sharing with his boys.

“It teaches them responsibility,” said Caldwell. “Learning how to shoot a firearm. Teaches them that you have to put in hard work, and at the end of the hard work, there is not always, but most of the time there’s a prize if you put in enough work.”

Chance’s passion for hunting also started at a young age. He says getting the kids involved in all aspects of the outdoors, gets them up and moving.

“It’s more of a family opportunity with your kids,” said Caldwell. “Getting them off the couch, getting them involved in something other than the new world industry which is the phones and ipads.”

In the time that we were in the deer stand, all kinds of wildlife showed up.

5 year old Catchyn and 6 year old Chaysen know that it takes a lot of patience to hunt deer.

Their favorite part of deer hunting though...

“We like to see how many antlers they have and to eat them,” said Chaysen.

Finally, when a mature buck walked out in front of the stand, with just a few minutes of shooting light left, Chaysen took the shot.

We waited about 30 minutes, and then took off to find him.

“It’s something that me and his brother Catchyn will never forget.,” said Caldwell. “Putting a big buck on the ground at 6 years old, is a big accomplishment. He took a great shot, and I’m proud of him.”

The next night, Catchyn wasn’t as lucky. But some of the best memories made, are ones where you don’t pull the trigger.

“It’s fun coming out here regardless if you shoot anything, we have fun in the stand,” said Caldwell. “It’s always a memory you’re going to have regardless if you shoot an animal. It’s the time spent in the stand with your kids, that you’re going to remember.”

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