MedWatch: “Yellow Dot” program works to save lives

MedWatch: "Yellow Dot" program works to save lives-11/17/2019

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) -There's a new program being implemented in SWOK that helps first responders get crucial emergency information for a victim who may be unable to communicate for themselves. It's called the "Yellow Dot" program.

You may start seeing some yellow circle decals riding around on the back windows of vehicles. And they’re helping to save lives.

“The yellow dot program is a program that started in other states,” said Sean McAvoy “It allows individuals to place pertinent medical information in their car, and then there is a sticker on the vehicle that will alert first responders that that information is there so they can access it quickly.”

McAvoy is the executive director of the Lawton Community Health Center. He says that in a medical emergency, time can be crucial.

“In that first little bit when there is an accident, information is always at a premium,” said McAvoy. “So them being able to get pertinent medical information quickly, contact information. That can make a difference in the patients outcome.”

McAvoy says statistically teens and older adults get in the most accidents. But Yellow Dot is for everyone.

“Anybody who really rides in a motor vehicle,” said McAvoy. “Because we never know when something is going to happen. When you look back at the new recently, there’s been several people who don’t fit those criteria who’ve had major accidents. And just having that little extra peace of mind that you can get the best treatment quicker is helpful for people.”

The program is being sponsored by the Lawton community health center, and BancFirst. McAvoy says they are all about making the community healthier.

“Car wrecks can have long term effects on people,” said McAvoy. “So the better the treatment can be right away because of knowledge, that makes people safer. We really wanted to do something that helped the community as a whole. It’s not about seeing them in the clinic. It’s about them being treated when they need it, in the best manner possible.”

The Yellow dot decals and forms are free and are available at all Lawton community health center, and BancFirst locations, as well as at Comanche county Memorial Hospital. On Thursday, November 21st the CCMH foundation will be providing a free educational lunch for first responders to talk about the program. It will be at noon in the maple conference room. Seating is limited, so please RSVP by calling 585-5406. And for more information on the program you can visit

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