50 FEET AWAY: Local couple describes Walmart shooting

50 FEET AWAY: Local couple describes Walmart shooting

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Albert and Susan Culp were just feet away when gunshots were fired outside the Duncan Walmart in what police are now describing as a double murder suicide.

It just so happens that Albert Culp finished up his shopping, and headed out to his truck at the exact moment three lives were lost in Duncan.

Culp said when he heard the first shot, it didn’t click right away, but when more shots were fired, it became clear.

“As soon as it happened, I turned around to the direction I heard it come from. That’s when the five shots went off, and shortly after three more,” said Albert Culp.

While Albert was loading up those groceries, his wife Susan was waiting in the car.

“My husband was standing outside the pickup, and I said what was that. He said sounded like a shot, and he turned around and said there’s smoke over there,” said Susan Culp.

She said it was an experience she never thought she would be dealing with...

“You think okay, that’s just on TV, shoot them up, bang bang, but never there, not where you are shopping,” said Susan.

The family said as quickly as it started it was over, then chaos in and around the parking lot ensued.

“Too many people started running around after the gun fire... you couldn’t tell who was who,” said Albert.

“Stayed in the car, you are afraid if you step out, you will be the next one shot,” said Susan.

During a press conference Monday afternoon, Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said there was a person at Walmart who drew a weapon, but he couldn’t confirm if that person had any part in the shooter killing himself.

“He acted like he knew how to use a gun, but he never fired it. He never said anything. He just turned and looked," said Albert.

After things calmed down, the family decided to drive by the vehicle, and that’s where Susan saw exactly what she didn’t want to see.

“It looked like one man on the ground, one man with his leg hanging out the door, and possibly a third one. Evidently, they were all dead," said Susan.

The Culps both said having to witness what happened up close was terrible, and they are fortunate they made it out safely.

Susan and Albert said their prayers go out to the families dealing with this loss.

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