Experts from around the world meet on Fort Sill to talk new program

Experts from around the world meet to talk new Fort Sill program

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - An international meeting took place on Fort Sill Wednesday.

Experts from around the world gathered for the Artillery Systems Cooperation Activities Interoperability Program meeting.

That focused on the requirements, issues and testing of a new interface for the FIRES support command and control system.

The new system would aid in air to ground support once it is implemented.

“Our leadership at the Army level and at the Joint level have determined that Joint and coalition interoperability is an extremely high priority and we put a lot of emphasis on it here,” said Captain Von Spence. “Integrating air to ground fires in the complete fire support picture is part of a lot of our jobs on the national level, and so there’s enough interest among our organization to include it in the protocol.”

There were representatives from Germany, France, Denmark and Italy to weigh in.

Their next meeting will be in the UK in March.

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