Store inside veterans center changes the way veterans shop

Store inside veterans center changes the way veterans shop

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Senior veterans at the Lawton-Fort Sill Veterans Center are getting back some of their independence.

“They love to shop, just like we would," said Pamela Burks, Recreation Specialist at the Lawton-Ft. Sill Veterans Center. "If we wanted to go out and shop and get personal items, they should have the right to come in and shop too.”

And that’s how the Veteran’s Corner Store inside the Lawton-Fort Sill Veterans Center came to be.

“I was out in Oklahoma City and I saw that they had a store in one of their assisted living and I said you know what, why can’t we have one here,” said Burks.

It’s a store where the residents can can shop without having to leave the building.

“There was a need for the veterans that couldn’t go out and buy stuff,” said Healyn Miller, a resident at the Lawton-Ft. Sill Veterans Center.

“But everything would be free for the residents," said Burks. "Everything that comes in we give out free.”

The Veteran’s Corner Store is run by residents like Healyn Miller.

“It gives me a feeling of being needed,” said Miller.

“The main purpose of the store is to give the residents a sense of purpose," said Burks. "They’ve worked all their lives so this gives them a reason to get up every morning to have somewhere to go and to feel productive as well.”

“I’m excited to be able to give back,” said Miller.

From hygiene items to clothing, snacks and cards...

“Just like a regular corner store," said Burks. "What you have in a regular corner store we have in here.”

All of the items in the store are donated.

“We greatly appreciate any donation that we can get because we have to take care of our veterans," said Burks. "They’ve given their heart, their soul their bodies and minds to us. If we can just give back a little bit of what they have given to us. It is just so important to me to make sure that they are taken care of.”

If you would like to donate items for the Veterans Corner Store, it is as simple as just dropping off donations at the Veterans Center on Flower Mound Road.

They have also already kicked off their Angel Tree for the Holiday season. Members of the community are invited take a name of one of the 200 veterans from the tree and grant their Christmas wish by purchasing the item and returning it to the center before December 15th.

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