Elgin 8th graders show results of kindness projects

Elgin 8th graders show how they used $10 to show kindness

ELGIN, Okla. (TNN) - 8th graders at Elgin Middle School spent the day giving presentations about how they used $10 to show kindness.

Many of the students held bake sales or raised money in other ways, so they’d have more than $10 to spend.

One class of 17 kids ended up spending over $1,200 instead of $170.

Kelli Anglley, one of the teachers who came up with this idea, says the kids exceeded their expectations.

“I think it absolutely taught them to look for opportunities and to think outside the box a little bit...not just for giving something to one of my friends, trying to make my friend feel better, but to make the community a better place," said Anglley.

The teachers plan on having a kindness fair next month to show what the students did.

They don’t have a time set up just yet, but say you can follow their Facebook page for updates, so you don’t miss it.

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