Lawton woman looking for good Samaritan who returned missing $500

Lawton woman looking for good samaritan who returned missing $500

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Losing any amount of money is unsettling, but every once in a while, there is a happy ending. That is the case for one Lawton woman, and now she needs your help finding the person who returned $500 she lost.

“There’s still some honest people left in this world,” said Ruth Tynes, whose $500 was returned. “I wish I could hug her and give her the biggest hug for turning my money in, and like I said, I hope God gives her extra special blessings.”

On Wednesday, Tynes went to the bank to withdraw $500 to pay her monthly utility bills. But somehow after she left, she lost the money.

“So I just say, 'oh my Lord, how am I going to pay these bills?” said Tynes.

A short time later, her luck began to turn around. Tynes got a call from the bank with the news she had prayed for.

“She said, ‘well, I want to tell you that your money was found and that a lady found it and she turned it in.’ So I said, ‘thank you Lord,’" said Tynes. "That is my Christmas blessing.”

Tynes’ son, Isaac Starke, was on the road from Denver to spend the holiday with his mother when he learned what happened.

“When you’re driving 10 hours to come to a Thanksgiving and when something like this happens, and if it hadn’t have turned out the way it did, that would have been a long, painful drive and then get here, Thanksgiving would have been a whole lot different,” said Starke.

Tynes and Starke are grateful to the good Samaritan for returning the cash and are now trying to find the person to thank them.

“That’s not something that happens every day," said Starke. "Usually people would take your money, rather than find it and give it back. To me, that was amazing, and I still, when I think about it, it’s like, it’s awesome.”

“That’s what touched me so. She was honest enough to turn it in, especially at this time of year," said Tynes. "She must have a very good heart. I just want to tell her thank you, from the bottom of my heart. She saved me from that hardship.”

Tynes said she was able to pay her bills on Friday.

If you happen to be this good Samaritan, or know who is, let us know here at 7NEWS.

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