Woman meets good Samaritan who returned lost money

Woman meets good Samaritan who returned lost money

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Last week, a good Samaritan returned a Lawton woman’s missing $500 dollars. Ruth Tynes, the woman who lost the money, really wanted to find the person to thank them. On Monday, 7News organized for the two women to meet up for the first time.

“I had found the envelope on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and tried to make sure that it got back to the right hands,” said Melissa Richards, the good Samaritan. “On Friday night, perhaps, I saw the interview on T.V. and at that time realized my husband said, ‘Look! They’re talking about you, honey.’ So I thought, you know what, I’d like to meet Ruth, too, so let me call them and tell them who I am.”

“I’m just so blessed," said Tynes. "I’ve just been so overjoyed that I had somebody like that to find my envelope and was honest enough to return it.”

Tynes said because of Richards, she was able to pay her bills this month.

"Each time I paid a bill I said, ‘Thank you God and thank you lady, and I just hope that I find you so that we can say thank you in person,’ said Tynes.

To show her appreciation, Tynes gave Richards a special gift...

“This is not a big thing," said Tynes. "But we just wanted to show you how much we appreciate you, so buy yourself something with this special, to remember.”

“Thank you so much,” said Richards.

Tynes and Richards said they hope to see each other again, maybe even at the bank.

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