Students have fun-filled STEM day at Southwest Technology Center

Students have STEM day at Southwest Technology Center

ALTUS, Okla. (TNN) - It was an exciting day for students in Navajo and Hollis as they spent the day at the Southwest Technology Center doing STEM activities.

There were six stations set up for students to visit, each with a component unlike anything they’ve learned in the classroom.

"Looking at the hearts of sheep and lungs of a pig. We’re trying to operate microscopes,” said Navajo 6th grader Aden Allen.

The students were broken up by grade, with the kids having a blast at each station they were able to visit.

"Because you actually do activities and stuff,” said Navajo 5th grader McKenzie Moreau.

"Because reading is just really boring and makes me tired and this makes me awake,” said Navajo 5th grader Jennie Cobb.

The stations were thinks like virtual reality firefighting, using 3D pens and using a planetarium to take a tour of the solar system. Southwest Technology Center does events just like this every year as a first introduction to STEM.

“It's really important that we expose children and youth to STEM - science, technology, engineering and math - we do a lot of careers that are towards the future here at career tech and that has a lot to do with the STEM areas,” said Jill Lazenby, Director of Marketing and Communications for Southwest Technology Center.

The activities, and the career tech as a whole, focus on things that are important in the Altus community, like aviation. Wednesday, students from Navajo and Hollis took part. Thursday, students from Altus Christian Academy, Blair, Granite, Duke and Olustee - El Dorado will follow suit. They hope the fun activities the kids participate in will spark a change in their futures.

"It’s so these kids can make a more educated decision as to what they want to focus on in the future. So it is really important, we hope they leave here knowing something they didn’t know or learning about a career they’ve never seen before,” Lazenby said.

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