Lawton documentary accepted into Oklahoma Black Film Festival

Lawton documentary accepted into Oklahoma Black Film Festival

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A Lawton film director’s documentary has been accepted into the Oklahoma Black Film Festival.

Morgan Thompson’s “Hometown Hussle” highlights Lawton residents who have made a difference in the community. Thompson came up with the idea for “Hometown Hussle” a while ago, but did not act on it until this summer.

“It’s about people in town who are doing positive things for the community and also, while they’re doing positive things for the community, they’re also doing entrepreneurial things and working on their dreams as well as working and doing other things, too," said Thompson.

Originally, Thompson made the film just for fun.

“I didn’t really have a set goal of putting it in a contest or anything like that, but once I got it done, my sister, she suggested that I just go ahead and put it in there," said Thompson. "So I put it in the competition and then I found out I got selected.”

“This one was right here in Oklahoma, and I just thought it would be the perfect chance for her to enter in her work," said Taylor Thompson, Morgan’s sister. "So I just stayed on her, made sure she made that deadline.”

Taylor not only helped her sister as a production assistant, but also was part of the cast.

“I felt that was really special, that she felt the work that I do is good enough to be highlighted in her documentary," said Taylor Thompson.

Thompson said this success has reinforced her belief in her craft.

“It’s pretty exciting," said Thompson. "You know, sometimes when we do things, you’re just like well maybe I’m not in the right field and maybe I’m not going the right direction, but I think this was kind of a nudge, or I would like to say a God wink, where you know it’s just kind of like a sign, like you’re going the right direction, keeping working and just keep getting better. So, it’s pretty awesome.”

The Oklahoma Black Film Festival will take place December 13-15 in Oklahoma City.

"Hometown Hussle" will show on the 14th, in the Oklahoma-based documentary category.

Thompson said after the festival, she plans on putting it online and possibly holding a viewing in Lawton.

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