Christmas miracle: man finds and returns long-lost baseball glove

Christmas miracle: man finds and returns long-lost baseball glove

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - For some people the Christmas season is a reminder that sometimes miracles, both big and small, do still happen.

“I feel like it’s a Hallmark made for movie,” said Candace Davis McCoy.

It all started with a 1950′s era Earl Wynn Baseball glove.

“Underneath a tree in the dirt--I kind of dug it out and found it then I threw it in the back of the vehicle and it sat back there for quit some time,” said Darrell Stanley. man who found lost glove. “This last weekend, we got it out and cleaned it up and saw that there was a name written on it.”

Darrell took to social media.

“I had so many people asking me, ‘Could this be your dad?’ I messaged Darrell,” said McCoy. “I never really got my hopes up because the chances are so small and I thought we’ll I don’t know it could be. My older brother played baseball, he played baseball with him, but he was mostly in Medicine Park.”

Candace’s father, Curtis Davis, managed Medicine Park from 1949 to 1954.

“He did the hotel and the skating rink and the swimming pool and all of that, but he did have a car wash in Lawton. It was on Gore,” said McCoy.

“Another amazing thing is, I never told anybody where I found it,” said Stanley.

“He messaged me back and said, ‘Gore and what?’" said McCoy.

“She didn’t get close, she named the exact lot that I found it on and so I knew that we had found her dad’s glove for her,” said Stanley.

Although Candace’s dad passed away a few years ago, the timing could not have been better.

“My mom just passed away in October," said McCoy. "So, to me this was a Christmas gift to actually have my dad’s glove and it felt like a God wink-- like they’re just saying hey we’re with you.”

After all, 'tis the season for miracles.

“I think great things happen during Christmas," said Stanley. "It’s better to give than to receive and that’s usually the month when you get the most of that. So, I think there are a bunch of miracles that happen.”

Candace says she plans to put the glove in a shadow box and hang it up inside the old school in Medicine Park so the story can be shared for years to come.

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