Oklahoma’s strongest couple says power lifting together has changed their lives

Oklahoma’s strongest couple says power lifting together has changed their lives

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The state’s strongest couple actually resides right here in Southwest Oklahoma.

When it comes to strong people in Oklahoma, you won’t find anyone stronger than Captain Porter Riley.

"Currently Oklahoma's Strongest Man under 200 pounds, and I'm a captain of the US Army, 13th Alpha Field Artillery Officer."

But if you asked Captain Riley who the strongest person is in Oklahoma, he would say his wife.

“In October, I took second place at USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in my weight class,” said his wife, Andrea Riley.

They said powerlifting has played a crucial role in their relationship.

“We train five days a week together, we come at the same time. It gets to be part of our bonding time. It’s really nice, we get to cheer each other on, encourage each other,” said Andrea.

“It’s been helpful for our relationship, and just watching her grow as an athlete is really cool,” said Porter.

Porter said weight lifting has always been apart of his life, and when Andrea decided to get involved, he was excited to share that with her.

“At first she was nervous she wouldn’t go the same gym I went to, which is funny because now she is way better than I am,” said Porter.

While the accomplishments are important, Andrea said in her five years of powerlifitng, it has helped her overcome an eating disorder, and an auto immune disease, called Sjoren’s Syndrome.

“Powerlifting has really been beneficial for not only my physical state but my mental state as well. It’s helped me heal from an eating disorder, and my overall confidence as well,” said Andrea.

And for Porter, he said changes in the Army’s training process has helped connect his Powerlifting passion with his career in the Army.

“I’m glad that it is finally catching on in the Army, just like multi domain, moving weird things, heavy things, that’s what you do in the Army. Picking up a human body is not a natural thing, it’s not like a barbell, so strongman lends really well to that,” said Porter.

Until competitions start up again, the Riley’s say they will wear the title “Oklahoma’s Strongest Couple” with pride.

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