Sergeant Major of the Army spends day at Fort Sill

Sergeant Major of the Army spends day at Fort Sill

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) - The Sergeant Major of the Army spent the day at Fort Sill.

Michael Grinston, says the visit gave him a good feel for what it's like to go through basic training.

He toured the barracks and had breakfast with some trainees before going to the range.

There, he saw soldiers being tested on what they've learned over the past several weeks.

It was like deja vu for Grinston who went through basic training at Fort Sill and was also a drill instructor for a few years.

“A lot has changed. The soldiers are better. Everybody likes to say ‘what was it like?’ We’re still doing great. The people that we bring in, they’re smarter, they’re fit, and the future for the Army looks really good and it’s always kind of good to come back and see how it’s changed," said Grinston.

Grinston says he asked some of the basic trainees why they joined.

He also talked to them about setting goals.

Grinston plans on attending the Saint Barbara’s Day Ball while he’s in town.

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