LPS Board Members excited after announcing new Superintendent

LPS Board Members excited after announcing new Superintendent

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - After months of searching, the LPS Board of Education officially named Kevin Hime the new superintendent of Lawton Public Schools, but he won’t actually take over until next school year.

It’s a been a long semester for the board as they searched and interviewed a number of candidates, but officially Kevin Hime is taking over as the LPS Superintendent.

He currently serves as the same position in Clinton, and is expected to begin July 1 2020.

Throughout the search for a new superintendent, the school board has involved the public to find out what kind of leader they wanted for their kids, and one board member said Hime fits that perfectly.

“Hime really represents exactly what we were looking for. He has all the credentials and experience that is necessary to propel us forward,” said LPS Board Member Kent Jester.

Jester, who played a key role in the search said the size of Clinton schools is smaller but the make up of the student body is similar, which is one key reason Hime was selected.

“The make up of their demographic is so close to ours, so he has already learned how to deal with the diversity,” said Jester.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Tom Thomas said he will be here to finish out the year, and help transition Hime into his role.

“There’s a lot of things we need to transition, we’ve got a lot of construction project underway. We have bond money laid out for expenditures, and we want to make sure he is all with all that,” said Dr. Tom Thomas.

Dr. Thomas said he’s excited about the experience he brings to the table.

“He’s done bond issues, he’s had good size staff and students. He’s been very successful wherever he has been. He’s got an infectious attitude. He’s excited to come here, and I think he will help excite the staff,” said Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Thomas said right off the bat, Hime will be tasked with replacing key positions that became vacant after Dr. Deighan’s resignation.

“We have not filled the assistant superintendent positions. Waiting for him to make that selection, but we will be here to help him assess what we have here, what our needs are, and what he needs to focus on when he gets here," said Dr. Thomas.

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