Lawton Public Schools’ newly named superintendent addresses media

Lawton Public Schools’ newly named superintendent addresses media

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - We’re hearing from Lawton Public Schools’ newly named Superintendent for the first time. Kevin Hime addressed the media, Wednesday morning, during a press conference.

Hime comes to Lawton with a career as an Oklahoma educator that spans more than three decades. The last nine years, he has filled the role of Superintendent for Clinton Public Schools. While talking to the media Wednesday, Hime stressed that regardless of the district he serves, his goal remains the same.

“All of us have the same goal--no matter if we’re at a school of 100 kids or a school of 15,000 kids, it is the kids," said incoming Superintendent Kevin Hime. "The kids are the number one thing.”

He’s caring and passionate--that’s what incoming Superintendent Kevin Hime wants the community to know.

“This is a great job," said Hime. "It’s great for me. It’s great for my career. On a personal level, I cannot sit here and say that it’s not great. It’s awesome. I never thought I would be at this level personally, but no matter what level I’m at, I want people to know that I’m going to put the kids first.”

As a superintendent, Hime says his first job is to get his employees to work together.

“If I can make the leadership team successful, then the leadership team can make the principles successful and the principles can make the teachers successful, then the kids are successful," said Hime. "If the kids are successful, then we’re all successful.”

And there’s always room for improvement.

“You don’t have to be bad to get better," said Hime. "When I looked at Lawton, I couldn’t really find anything that is bad about Lawton, but hopefully we can get better at everything.”

“He’s young enough that he can be here for quite a while and lead this district to great things," said Interim Superintendent Dr. Tom Thomas. "We’re got a great start and we can always get better.”

Although the announcement has been made, Hime will not officially begin his new role until the summer.

“I’m still responsible for those kids and teachers in Clinton and I don’t take that responsibility lightly," said Hime. "They are meeting Friday to open up their search. The quicker that transition comes the quicker this transition here comes.”

“I think my role in this transition period is to help Kevin understand where we are as a district what are challenges are, where we are financially, which projects we need to move forward on," said Dr. Thomas. "And things are always changing. So, we will have to accommodate any change that happens in our district as he comes on board.”

During this transition period, Hime says he expects to make the 85 mile trip between Clinton and Lawton frequently. His official start date in Lawton is July 1, 2020.

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