Delta Nutrition Center still feeding seniors despite being shut down

Delta Nutrition Center still feeding seniors despite being shut down

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Despite the Delta Nutrition Centers being temporarily closed in Lawton and Geronimo, the seniors who rely on them for Lunch are still being fed.

Even though the meals are cooked at the King Center, where a black substance was found last Friday, the food cooked there also feeds seniors at at the Patterson Center and Community Center in Geronimo.

While they work to get the centers back open, Delta is finding other ways to make sure these seniors are fed.

Lillie Chaffin runs the Delta Nutrition Program at the Patterson Center in Lawton, and she said the decision to shut down the nutrition centers was met with worry from many of their daily customers.

She said it’s important for them to know this is only temporary.

“We just have to take care of some problems once in a while, and that’s what is happening now. Supposed to be more testing tomorrow...and it’s supposed to take five days to get the results in," said Lillie Chaffin.

Kristina Manriquez works with the Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments, and helps with funding for the centers. She said the response time from the state made this situation less severe than expected.

“Within thirty minutes, we had an approval to serve emergency meals. Their safety, their nutrition, their needs are always our top priority, and this actually worked really well as far as switching over to emergency management,” said Kristina Manriquez, with ASCOG.

Those emergency meals were handed out Thursday-- and instead of just one meal, they were given five.

If enough meals aren’t provided to the Geronimo location, one Delta Volunteer said she still has access to the center, because she lives there.

“I care about these people whether i know them or not, and I know they rely on getting these lunches every day... so if someone is really hungry, we can get that taken care of,” said Gay Burch.

Manriquez said between the three centers, they are dealing with close to 200 seniors every day... and for the home-bound seniors especially, those deliveries mean more than a hot meal.

“It provides them with a face to see everyday, someone to check on them. The meal is delivered directly to their door," said Manriquez.

Even though they will get results back next week... there is no timetable on when the centers are expected to open back up.

Chaffin said if you are a senior, and are still confused as to where to get food while the centers are closed, you can call the Patterson Center for more information, as well as the ASCOG office to learn about other options for meals.

ASCOG Office Number - (580) 736-7036

Patterson Center - (580) 581-3485

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