Ean’s love for Stephens County Humane Society helps their pets find a forever home

Ean’s love for Stephens County Humane Society helps their pets find a forever home

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - An 11 year old in Stephens County is working hard to raise money for the Stephens County Humane Society to get all of their dogs into permanent homes.

Ean’s current project is centered around the holiday’s, but this isn’t his first fundraiser by any means. He’s been doing this since he was 7.

Despite his age restricting what jobs he can actually do, he’s been able to raise more than $13,000, and all of that has gone towards sponsoring whatever pet he can.

To adopt a dog at the Stephens County Humane Society, it typically costs around 100 dollars. During the Holiday Season, 11-year-old Ean Adams is working to co-sponsor as many of the over 1 year old dogs he can, with one goal in mind.

“To get all the dogs adopted by Christmas,” said Ean Adams.

To raise funds, he has a couple different methods that have worked so far, and in almost five years, he's helped sponsor nearly 150 animals.

“People donate money or cans,” said Adams.

Whenever their trailer of cans begins to overflow, Ean and his family head down to Velma, where they sell the cans, and use that money to sponsor dogs or at least make sure they are fed, warm, and loved while they wait for adoption.

One Humane Society board member said Ean’s passion for these animals is inspiring.

“The impact has been tremendous. He’s collected a pile of cans behind us that doesn’t represent anywhere close to what’s it’s been over that period of time. It’s evident this young man has a heart that’s incredible for this,” said Floyd Wininger, a Humane Society Board Member.

The reason Ean does all this... to give back to the organization that gave him his best pal.

“A few years ago, I got a dog, they actually gave me a dog, and I wanted to pay it forward,” said Adams.

At the Humane Society, they have a special way to describe people who care about these animals...

“We call it having a warm heart for a cold nose, and he truly does have that,” said Wininger.

Wininger said what started as a good deed is now something the Humane Society depends on, and it helps get these pets out of the shelter, and into their forever home.

“it’s all donations, we don’t receive city money. It’s all donations and grants we get sometimes, but projects like this mean the world to us, because it just means more animals we can help," said Wininger.

If you want to help Ean, you can stop by the Humane Society and drop off cans or cash... but he said really helping him would mean taking a dog home.

And Saturday at the Chisholm Mall, anyone with pets can go and take a holiday photo with them.

The event runs from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

It costs ten dollars... and all proceeds benefit the Humane Society.

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