Lawton man progresses on reading and writing after massive stroke

Lawton man progresses on reading and writing after massive stroke

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - We brought you a story earlier this year about a Lawton man learning to read and write again following a massive stroke over three years ago.

“He really does not need me anymore except for encouragement and friendship,” said Retired Teacher, Tommye Hobbs.

Bryon Tapia heard about the Center for Creative Living and headed there in hopes of finding help after the stroke.

Retired High School Teacher and Principal, Tommye Hobbs has been working with Bryon Tapia for over a year now.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone. It makes me feel good, really good," said Hobbs.

Bryon and Tommye meet on a weekly basis. Bryon first started working on re-learning the alphabet and writing his name. Bryon is now working on grade 2 level work and Tommye said it’s time to move past that.

“That’s everything. To know it’s better than what it was yesterday. I’m happy with life for me right now. Never give up," said Bryon Tapia.

Tommye said the next step is for Bryon to read brochures and the newspaper, as long as he wants to keep learning she’s willing to help.

“When he was a young man, he was in the Mensa Program which is for extremely intelligent people. You have to be in the 98 percentile on standardized tests, so he had it, and it’s gradually coming back. The main thing is he never gave up and kept trying," said Hobbs.

Bryon said his message to others who may be going through something similar is to look for help.

“Don’t be scared for whatever reason, seek help and there’s people who are willing to help you for free," said Tapia.

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