Trees for Troops donates hundreds of Christmas trees to Fort Sill

Trees for Troops donates hundreds of Christmas trees to Fort Sill

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -The military community still has the chance to take home a free Christmas tree thanks to a program called Trees for Troops. The Fort Sill Recycling Center gave them out over the weekend, and they still have over a 100 left.

Since 2005, FedEx and the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation have been sending real Christmas trees home with active and retired military. Like retired first Sergeant Shelton Moore.

"We got a tree last year, so I figured why not again this year,” said Moore. “It's a great thing that y'all do here."

They started out with over 400 Christmas trees. Now they’ve got over a hundred fifty waiting to come home for the holidays.

“A lot of them come from Michigan, east coast, New Hampshire, Virginia, places like that,” said Christina Smith, Fort Sill Recycling Center program manager. “And many of them have the tree farms on their tags. It was originally done to thank the soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they make,” said Smith. “And it’s not just soldiers. It’s NAVY, Air Force, it’s across the board all the services.”

Moore says, for the families who have a loved one overseas, this is a great way to bring joy to their household.

“They might not be able to enjoy it with their families, but a tree can help bring the spirit of love and even though you’re away overseas, it helps bring some happiness in the families until you get back home safely,” said Moore.

Smith says with over 150 trees left, they’re hoping to give them all out by the end of the week. If you’re active duty or retired military, veteran or a civilian who works on Fort Sill and do not have a Christmas tree yet, you’re invited to come during business hours at the recycling center to come pick one out till the end of the week.

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