“HOW LONG WAS HE LYING THERE?” Hollis Family speaks on mauling death

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 10:14 PM CST
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HOLLIS, Okla. (TNN) - A Hollis family is looking for answers and justice after a 12-year-old boy was mauled and killed by three dogs on Friday.

When he was killed on Friday, Police say they killed two of the dogs responsible,and according to his family... police captured the third one Monday... but Hollis PD was unable to confirm that.

"How long was he laying out there, how long were those dogs eating my nephew, really how long?

This is just one of many questions the family of Victor “Kiko” Garces still want answers to, three days after he was mauled to death by dogs on his way home from school.

“It was really hard on us...Very hard when we heard. I was working when his older brother called us, around 12:30, and said his brother was gone," said Rachel Garcia, Victor’s Grandmother.

“His mom was sick, he couldn’t get a ride home. His mom said to the school, you just live a few blocks away, let him walk home. And they did because he was sick,” said Maria McMullin, Victor’s Great Aunt.

McMullin said typically, he never made that walk home alone, but because he left school early, no one was there to walk with him.

One of his typical walking mates was his older brother... who his grandma said feels lost without Kiko.

“Every night he cries, cause he sleeps with him, used to walk with him everywhere. He would walk with him, but he misses his little brother,” said Garcia.

His family said dog attacks in Hollis aren’t surprising... it’s just tragic that it happened to their nephew.

“It’s just bad with the dogs here," said McMullin.

“He needs to pay, needs to pay for what his dogs did. They didn’t just kill him, they were practically eating him,” said Amanda Perez, Victor’s Great Aunt.

“Those dogs weren’t on a chain either, and he knew his dogs were vicious. You need to put them on a chain if they are that vicious, even if they have a gate. You put that dog on a chain,” said McMullin.

As police continue to investigate the dog’s owner, his family said they aren’t sure what emotion actually explains what they are feeling.

“I don’t know how to feel. Do I feel angry, or do I feel sad. It’s a tragedy to know my great nephew got eaten by these dogs," said McMullin.

The funeral for Victor is set for this Saturday at the First Baptist Church in Hollis.

If you wish to help this family out with the various expenses, a donation jar has been set up at Gillentine Elementary, and Stockmans and Great Plains Banks both set up accounts for the family.

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