CAUGHT ON CAMERA: 12-year-old stops abduction attempt in Okla.

Updated: Dec. 27, 2019 at 6:11 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A Lawton woman is warning others after she says a stranger tried to kidnap her 2-year-old son.

Crystal Phillips says 12-year-old Makayla Phillips was eating lunch with her 4-year-old sister, 2-year-old brother and her grandmother Dec. 23. As they were getting seated, a strange woman approached them.

"She walked up to them and gave both of them a kiss. My grandma, she thought it was weird and not right, so she decided to move us to a different table,” Makayla Phillips said.

The woman walked away but quickly came back to the table.

"She picked him up and took one step, but I grabbed him back from her and yelled at her and said don’t touch my brother. I thought she was going to towards my sister but my grandma was already on my sister so I said don’t touch my sister, stay away from my siblings and don’t touch my siblings. We were just yelling and she was saying my brother was her baby and I was just yelling back at her saying that’s not her baby, that’s my brother,” Makayla Phillips said.

Makayla Phillips said the woman was asked to leave, at which point she began saying disturbing things.

"She was talking about how she had a baby and she decapitated her baby and how she did all these things to her baby. She was a very disturbed woman. A very disturbed woman,” Makayla Phillips said.

Crystal Phillips was at work when this all happened and couldn’t believe the story she was told.

"Especially in a public place where there are so many eyewitnesses, so many people around, there was no shame, no nothing. It’s terrible,” Crystal Phillips said.

Crystal Phillips said it only got worse when she saw the surveillance video.

"That’s hard to watch. Anyone grabbing my child, even for just a split second, I think the worst. What could have happened, what would have happened if she wasn’t there,” Crystal Phillips said.

Lawton Police were called and are investigating. Sergeant Timothy Jenkins said situations like this show how important it is to always know your surroundings and to teach your kids to not talk to strangers.

"It’s more applicable and easier to talk to a stranger because you have social media, you have gaming systems, stuff like that. So, people don’t think about it in that regard. But even in the real-life aspect, when you’re out and about somewhere, people don’t think about it because it’s common. Your kid may know somebody before you know somebody. They may know them from a sporting event or something. So, we still try to encourage make sure you know everybody your kid is talking to. If you’re out and about and you have no idea who this person is, ask questions,” Jenkins said.

Crystal Phillips said she hopes this can serve as a warning to others out there that this could happen to anyone. She said she’s thankful her daughter quickly jumped into action to prevent the situation from being much worse.

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