New Year’s Day brings the arrival of Lawton’s first baby of 2020

New Year’s Day brings the arrival of Lawton’s first baby of 2020

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The New Year is typically a time for new beginnings, and for one Lawton family, the start of the new year arrived with their new baby girl.

Ashlynn McVea was born New Year’s Day, just before 7 A.M. and she, and her mom Regina are both happy and healthy.

The McVea family was finishing up their New Years Eve festivities and when they arrived home, Regina and her husband Michael knew it was time, despite her being a little earlier than expected.

“About a week and a half it was definitely unexpected for my water to break last night," said Ashlynn’s Mom Regina McVea.

“It’s been a sleepless one for sure, we had a little NYE party last night, and soon as we got home it was time to come here. It’s been a very big day,” said Ashlynn’s Dad Michael McVea.

New Year, New Beginnings, New Baby...that’s what the McVea family said is on their mind as they welcome Ashlynn into the world.

“It means a lot, I carried a whole entire life for 9 months, and on the first day of the new year here she goes. Brought her in, brought her in right along with the new year,” said Regina.

Regina said first baby born or not, they were just happy to see her.

“It’s a joy to have her here now...I waited a long time. She’s fine, everything is great about her. Healthy little baby girl,” said Regina.

With her birth taking place several hours after 2020 began..the family wasn't exactly sure if baby Ashlyn would actually claim the title, but when it was confirmed, the entire family was thrilled.

“We are very excited about it, it was an overwhelming experience for sure, it’s a great start to the new year. New beginnings, new year, new life, so it’s for sure a great feeling,” said Michael.

As far as planning the pregnancy around this, Regina said no chance, but as the due date inched closer, she said she knew it might be possible.

“We embraced it...yeah we knew we were going to do what we had to, so it was happening,' said Regina"

Regina said she will hopefully leave the hospital in a few days, and get that baby home.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital staff is sending the McVea’s home with a gift basket full of baby clothes, toys and diapers.

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